Why I Prioritize Self-Care – And You Should Too

Elizabeth Leon Exclusively Ego

As an entrepreneur, I constantly have dozens of tabs open in my mind at once. I’m also a mom and wife, which only adds to the lists of tasks I need to keep up with. While I love being self-employed and dictating my own schedule, I’ve realized that I can’t do a good job at it if I don't put myself first.

As I’ve mentioned before, I named my business Exclusively Ego because I realized there was a major need to change the narrative around putting yourself first. You know when the flight attendant tells you that in case of an emergency, put the mask on yourself before anyone else? I think this applies to all parts of life. I can’t be a vibrant mother if I feel dim inside. I can’t love my husband like he deserves if I don’t love myself as I deserve.

Prioritizing my self-care has been a game changer in my mood, productivity, and overall happiness. Below are some things I like to do to show myself love and keep my sanity.


With so much noise around us (literally and figuratively), it’s hard to hone in on our feelings on a regular basis. Exiting out of those countless mental tabs is hard, but it’s not impossible. Meditating helps me let go of my worries and endless to-do list (at least for a little while).

I use the Insight Timer app and I absolutely love it. Other than it being free, it offers thousands of guided meditations that walk you through the meditating process.


While I rarely attend the gym, Sutra Studios has been a gamechanger for me. The family-owned and operated studio offers yoga, barre, and Pilates. Since purchasing an annual pass and attending classes regularly, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my body and energy. I try to attend at least three classes per week in order to maintain the discipline and focus.

In addition to the physical improvement, yoga also helps me with my mindset and self-awareness. It has literally changed my life.

Attend Workshops

While this might sound crazy for some, I absolutely love learning. Not enough to go back to school anytime soon, but enough to know that I love attending workshops and seminars. I love being able to get nuggets of information that have the potential to grow me and my business.

I especially love attending sessions that are offered at no cost. Co+Hoots Foundation offers some great lunch-time sessions for free!


For a lot of people, retail therapy is a top way to practice self-care. For me, browsing the racks at some of my favorite Goodwill locations does wonders. Whenever I feel anxious, overwhelmed, or flat out just not in the mood, I take a walk (through Goodwill’s isles, of course).

If shopping is your method of self-care, just remember to be intentional. If you’re actually making purchases, try setting a budget, for Goodwill, mine is usually $20.