Free Tools to Help you Gain Confidence and Rock Your Day

Confidence. We all want it, we can all have it, but we don’t all necessarily work hard to get it. That feeling of empowerment, high-self-esteem, and can-do attitude is powerful and desirable by most, but the negative thoughts that creep into our mind are no joke.  

As a personal stylist, I work with women to discover their style, clear the clutter, and build a wardrobe that will ultimately elevate their confidence and build self-esteem. However, that doesn’t mean that my confidence can’t take a little bit of nurturing. I’m a sucker for self-help and growth and am constantly looking for the next best thing to improve my life.  

Below are some of my go-to routines for exercising and growing my confidence. They’re free, easy to use, and benefit so many areas of my life.  


While ShineText has been around since 2015, I didn’t learn about the service until a few months ago. I was instantly hooked. The idea that you receive a text at your desired time is so convenient. Every day, Shinetext sends a message with advice, tips, and encouragement to make the best of your day. Sign up with my referral code here.  

Insight Timer 

If you’re not already meditating, why not? No, meditation isn’t just for yogi’s, Buddhists, or professionals. Meditation is for anyone that needs to clear their mind before or after a stressful day (aka everyone). While there are paid services available like Headspace and Calm, Insight Timer is perfect for the person looking for a free version to try out.  


Acknowledging our feelings is one of our most overlooked skills as humans. Understanding when we’re feeling happy, sad, mad, or defeated allows us to appreciate the good times and be gentle with ourselves during bad times. By journaling at least once a day, you put your thoughts onto paper and out of your mind.

I like to journal my “girl boss” moment of the day. Here, I write about my biggest win of the day as an entrepreneur. This allows me to not dwell too much on the failures and instead acknowledge and celebrate the good parts of the day.

Now, it’s time for you to go out there and exercise that confidence. How do you grow your self-esteem on a daily basis?