Three Things to Consider when Dressing for a Conference

As Poshfest creeps around the corner, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about attendees not knowing what to wear. As a first-timer, I know how overwhelming it can be to dress for such a long-awaited event. However, as a personal stylist, I understand the power a bold and beautiful outfit can have on our confidence and composure.

Whether you’re getting ready to attend Poshfest or stumbled upon this blog post in hopes of gaining clarity about what to wear to a different conference, I think I can help. Below are three things to consider when dressing for a conference.


No matter what type of conference you’re attending, location is key. Not just the city the event will be taking place at, but all the specifics. Keeping the venue’s location and logistics in mind can help you pick appropriate pieces to ensure comfort.  

Some questions to ask yourself:

  •       Will the event be indoors or outdoors?

  •       How far is the venue from my parking spot?

  •       Is the venue known for keeping the temperature high or low?  


The vibe of the event can play a big role in the dress code. There’s a big difference in attending an event with Fortune 500 business leaders and Fashion Week creatives. Both will likely look amazing, but one is probably a more stylish group than the other. Use your judgment and decide what vibe you want to go for according to the events’.  

Some questions to ask yourself:

  •       What type of people is the event attracting?

  •       Is the event lean on the casual side or professional side?

  •       How do previous event recaps describe the event as? 


One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when planning your outfit for a conference is your intention with attending it in the first place. Are you there to attract new clients or simply connect with others in your field? Think about how you want to be portrayed and the message you want to interpret to fellow attendees.  

Some questions to ask yourself:

  •       What’s my main intention of attending this event? (new clients, grow network, etc.)

  •       Is there a specific way I want to be portrayed? (fun, professional, classy, etc.)

  •       How do I want to feel at the event? (comfortable, confident, etc.)