3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Poshmark

E-commerce. It’s a beautifully complicated thing. Between Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping and second-hand items being given a new home, there’s a place for everything on the internet. Yes, even your Betsey Johnson backpack you wore all through high school.

When I announced my resignation and career change almost two years ago, my plan was to resell full-time. The easiest way for me to describe to others what I would be doing was Sophia Amoruso’s Netflix hit show, Girlboss. A take on her journey as a successful reseller on eBay.

After many attempts and failures as I tried to get my reselling career off the ground, I discovered Poshmark. An online market place where people can buy and sell used clothing, shoes, and accessories.

I sold my first item on the popular reselling app in July 2018 and haven’t looked back since.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a full-time Poshmark reseller, I do use it as a way to live my passion for thrifting and as an extra source of income.

If you’re a new seller or thinking of giving the Poshmark app a try, there are a few helpful tips to know about before you get started. Below are three things I wish I knew before I started selling on Poshmark.

You don’t HAVE to spend on shipping supplies

When I was researching and getting familiar with the app, I learned that Poshmark encourages creativity when packaging an item. Well, I took that to heart and purchased tissue paper, fancy thank you cards, and poly mailers to fit my brand.

While I got use out of all those items, I quickly learned that they didn’t have anything to do with my sales and a buyer’s approval of the item. You can order FREE USPS shipping supplies including adhesive labels, boxes, and envelopes online and get them delivered to your door within a week.

Although branded poly mailers and fancy thank you cards can add to your package, they’re not necessary, and I would even discourage it if you’re hoping to make your first sale. You never know if selling is not for you, and I’d hate for you to be left with expensive and unused supplies in your junk drawer.  

Buyers outnumber sellers 40:5

Building community as a reseller can be critical to your sanity and success. However, it’s easy to get lost in the endless Instagram stories, hauls, and screenshots of successful weekend sales. New resellers join the Poshmark app daily, which can seem crushing to someone struggling to make consistent sales.  

It’s important to learn the facts. According to a recent Poshmark Data Report, out of the app’s 40 million community members, only 5 million are sellers. That means there are millions of potential buyers looking for items you’re offering.

Also, keep in mind that those 5 million sellers aren’t necessarily resellers. Many just sell items from their closet in hopes of getting credit to purchase new additions. You don’t have to be a committed reseller to sell on the Poshmark app.

Don’t get discouraged by other seller journeys  

One of the first things I did when beginning my reselling journey was to indulge myself in as much content as possible. Between countless hours of YouTube, learning seller’s tips and tricks, to endless Instagram stories of hauls, sales, and daily to-do’s, I was overwhelmed.  

I was overwhelmed with possibilities, competition, and fear of never being able to accomplish what those internet famous resellers were achieving. So, while consuming content can help you learn tips and hacks to make more sales, you must also be conscious of the comparison syndrome it can cause. 

By staying true to your personal goals and values, you’ll avoid feeling defeated by what your peers are achieving. Instead of feeling overcome by others’ success, use it as a healthy push to continue working on yourself and your side-hustle.  

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Happy Poshing!