Know Before You Go – Shopping the Las Vegas Goodwill Clearance Center


If you’ve been following me for a while, then you already know about my obsession with the Goodwill Clearance Center (aka The Bins). While my obsession with Goodwill started with shopping their dollar day sales, it’s recently shifted to the treasure hunt and gold-digging of the Bins.  

As a Phoenician, Valley Goodwills are my favorite. I’ve learned to navigate the racks, sale days, and locations to improve my efficiency and success when thrifting. However, my love (or addiction) for Goodwill goes beyond the borders of Central Arizona.

I recently celebrated my marriage anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas Nevada. I would be lying if I said thrifting didn't play a role in the decision-making process when debating where to celebrate. During our last trip to Las Vegas in February, Marco and I stopped by several Goodwill locations and were surprised by their inventory.

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas soon and love the hunt as much as I do, then I would highly recommend adding the Goodwill Clearance Centers to your itinerary. Below are five things you should know before making the trip.

*All my previous Goodwill Clearance Center tips apply, but these are exclusively for the Las Vegas locations. 

There are two locations 

Yes, two locations. I was surprised that a small city like Las Vegas would have two Goodwill Clearance Centers, but I was not complaining. I visited both locations back in February but loved one way more than the other. So much so that I decided to only shop one this time around. Click here for my (and other shoppers’) favorite location.  

Smaller stores 

A lot smaller. I think if you combined the two locations they still wouldn’t be nearly as big as the Phoenix Bins. Smaller locations mean less inventory and bins, so be prepared for that. For this reason, customers are required to keep their carts in the outskirts of the store. A breath of fresh air as someone constantly dealing with people’s carts being in the way in a crowded store.  

Less frequent rotations 

I constantly hear shoppers complain about the Phoenix Goodwill Clearance Center. However, I must say that the amount of rotations in a day is impressive, especially when compared to the Las Vegas Goodwill Clearance Center. Because the rotations are less frequent, I like to look through each bin with care, so I don’t miss anything major.

Good shoe selection

It’s been months since the Phoenix Goodwill Clearance Center has taken out shoe bins. A bummer, but something I’ve learned to overlook. This Las Vegas trip was my second time shopping their Goodwill bins, and the shoe selection didn’t disappoint. Of course, there are some useless pairs in the mix, but if you stick around to find the good ones, it’s totally worth it.

Price per pound varies

If you’re a Phoenix bins shopper, then you’re used to the $1.39 per pound on each purchase. You might be a little sticker shocked by Las Vegas $1.89 per pound price on any purchase under 25 pounds. Once you exceed 25 pounds, the price goes down to $1.29. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it to aim for at least a 25-pound purchase. 60 cents per pound can go a long way.