Why I Hate Fashion Rules – And You Should Too


They say rules are meant to be broken, and the saying couldn’t be truer for “fashion rules”.

As a personal stylist, some of the most common questions revolve around what I like to call “typical fashion rules”. You know, the ones that tell you that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, that shorter girls shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes, and that people of a certain weight shouldn’t wear patterns.

Unfortunately, fashion rules are some of the biggest reasons people ignore style altogether. They would rather ignore their personal style than deal with the stress of having to check whether their wardrobe respects fashion guidelines.

I truly believe that style should be personal, and not influenced by “textbook rules” that someone made up. Do you feel your best in that plaid button down that went out of style four years ago? Wear it! Feel like slipping into your white skinnies in October? Rock them!

Below is a checklist I came up with to help you decide whether an item belongs in your wardrobe.

It fits your body
It fits your personality
It makes you feel confident
It’s comfortable
When wearing it, it makes you want to chase even your craziest dream

The only person who should make rules for your style is you. So, go discover your style, understand your essentials, and look and feel your best every single day.