hi there!

I’m Elizabeth. A Phoenix thrifter, writer, and founder of Exclusively Ego. I started Exclusively Ego in September 2017 after deciding to follow my passion of thrifting and writing in hopes of impacting women in my community.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been exceptionally good creating stylish outfits from thrift store finds. Growing up in a low-income household meant a small wardrobe budget, not a bad wardrobe budget. While dressing second-hand was a necessity growing up, it has turned into a lifestyle as an adult, even though I can afford to dress from department stores. There’s an unexplainable rush I feel when I find designer brand items for only a few bucks.

The goal of Exclusively Ego is to help women feel confident every single day by building a wardrobe that works with their lifestyle, passions, and aspirations.


style philosophy

I am a firm believer that style is personal. It shouldn’t revolve around rules, trends, or outside thoughts. We all have style, some of us just haven’t discovered it yet. I believe that clothes have a lot of power over our daily lives, and we can either take advantage of that, or let it take advantage of us. Getting dressed it one of the first things we do before heading out the door every morning, so why not give it the energy it deserves? You don’t need to be rich, famous, or a fashionista to own your style. All you have to do is own you.