My 2018 Reading List – Must-Reads for the Go Getter

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018 is to read one book per month – yes, a total of 12 books in 2018. As a busy mompreneur and (as I like to call it) super slow reader, this will be a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve never been an avid reader, but the older I get, the more I appreciate learning and implementing routines into my life. As a fan of lists, plans, and schedules, I decided that I wanted to map out my reading list for the next 12 months. I compiled the list (and order) based on personal recommendations, online reviews, and books that have been on my shelf and am barely getting around to them now. I waited to publish this blog until the end of January to make sure it was actually attainable, and guess what? So far, so good. I just finished book #1 of 2018. I hope the list below helps you create a reading list that will elevate your life, self-esteem, and self-love.

Untitled design(8).jpg

1.      January – I Know How She Does It

2.     February – You Are a Badass at Making Money

3.     March – You Are a Badass

4.     April – A Brand Called You

5.     May – The Art of Asking

6.     June – The Confidence Code

7.     July – The Grit

8.     August – Not That Kind of Girl

9.     September – The Guide to Strategic Networking

10.  October – Girl Code: Unlocking Secrets to Success

11.   November – Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

12.   December - Good to Great

I also wanted to share a list of books that didn’t make the cut, but might make it to the 2019 list:

If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and tell me which books I should add to the list!