5 Reasons to Attend Goodwill's Reclaimed Fashion

Goodwill ReclaimedFashionElizabethColor.jpg

Goodwill’s Reclaimed Fashion event is back for the second time this year, and so am I!

I am honored and oh, so excited to be back for the second Reclaimed Fashion event taking place Saturday, August 18 from 4-7 p.m. at the Priest and Elliot location. If you’re still debating whether you should attend, I’m sharing my top five reasons you should.

In summary: you don’t want to miss it.

1. Meet Local Fashion Influencers

Is there a particular blogger, thrifter, or fashionista you’ve been dying to meet but never know how to make the first move? This is your chance! I follow every single girl on Instagram and can’t believe I get to collaborate with them on this amazing event.

Not only are they all super sweet but are all so excited to meet you too. Shop, ask questions and get styled by one of us. Trust me, it’s a blast!

2. Shop Hand-Picked Finds

One of the main questions/concerns I hear from my followers and the online community is how overwhelming shopping second hand can be. I feel you. If I didn’t have such a passion for thrifting, I would probably be too.

What’s so amazing about this event is that every single one of us went into a Valley Goodwill location and hand selected each and every piece. Yup, each item you see on the racks will be preselected, which means that your chances of finding something amazing is, well, AMAZING!

3. Network with Fellow Thrifters

One of the things I’m most grateful on social media is building a community with fellow thrifters from all around the world. On this special day, you’ll have the opportunity to meet hundreds of other thrifters and vintage lovers who share similar passions.

I met and talked to dozens of you in January, and I can’t wait to do it again for round two.

4. Win Big

Goodwill will be giving away five $100 AMEX gift cards. Stop by, shop around, and snap a picture at the selfie station. Make sure to tag @goodwillaz and use the hashtag #reclaimedfashion on Instagram or Facebook to enter to win one of them.

5. It’s FREE

As a thrifter, saving money is always top of mind. Call it stingy, I call it smart. Anyway, Attending Reclaimed Fashion is completely free. No need to pay, rsvp, or give us a heads up. Just show up. Of course, you’re totally responsible for purchasing your finds, but the damage you want to do is up to you!

Who: Fashionistas, thrifters, and style enthusiasts
What: Goodwill Reclaimed Fashion
Where: Priest & Elliot Goodwill Store (7850 S Priest Dr, Tempe)
When: Saturday, August 18, 2018, 4 p.m.- 7 p.m.
Why: This one of a kind event will give you the opportunity to shop curated Goodwill finds at unbelievable prices. It’s an event you won’t want to miss.